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Whole-life Stewardship

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Purpose: To provide a stewardship event for stewardship leaders in congregations so that they might have a greater awareness of their own stewardship life and provide meaningful stewardship education in their congregations.

Goals: Attendees will:

  1. Understand that the Gospel is what makes stewardship distinctively Christian in content, in method, and in motivation.
  2. Have an appreciation and understanding of what it means to be God's steward.
  3. Have an appreciation and understanding of the stewardship role of the church in participating in God's mission.
  4. Be encouraged to model and teach stewardship in their congregation.
  5. Be provided fundamental and practical tools to begin implementation of a strategy for stewardship education in their congregation.


  1. That individual Christians struggle relating stewardship to all of life.
  2. That congregations struggle in intentionally providing whole-life, year-round stewardship education.
  3. That congregations struggle in funding their mission and maintaining their facilities.
  4. That congregations struggle to get people actively involved in service.
  5. That congregations struggle to maintain adequate compensation and care support for their professional church workers.


  1. Congregations operating from a perspective of abundance rather than scarcity.
  2. Congregations experiencing a renewed mission focus.
  3. Congregations receiving increased funding for God's mission.
  4. Congregations having renewed abilities to identify and mobilize resources.
  5. Congregations availing themselves of effective stewardship resources.
  6. Christians are experiencing the joy of a stewardship life "Following Christ”.


  1. The congregation will gain understanding of the stewardship culture.
  2. The congregation will take steps to make appropriate changes in their stewardship culture.
  3. The congregation will establish a Stewardship Learning Community which will address stewardship in the life of individual leaders and in the life of the congregation.

 Consecrated Stewards

Consecrated Stewards is a ministry of growth and commitment in which the people of God celebrate His gifts and grow in the joy of giving and serving.

As congregations recognize the need to renew or give regular attention to activities essential to the mission of the church, with increasing frequency they are seeking help in the area of stewardship. Congregations are receptive to—even seeking—help to address their stewardship needs in a very direct way.

LCEF's Capital Funding Services has developed a resource to meet this stewardship need in congregations. This resource is made available through local administration in the District in order to fully address the needs of congregations.

Consecrated Stewards Raises Annual Giving by Raising Christian Stewards

Overview:  Consecrated Stewards is based on the need of the giver to give, not the need of the church to receive.

It is not tied to the church budget, and can be used at any time of the year. Budget-based emphases never raise more than is needed to meet the budget. Stewardship emphases raise people to a new level of spiritual commitment and annual giving. Congregations often experience intentions of giving that exceed previous envelope giving by 15%-35%.

Consecrated Stewards is a stewardship education and commitment emphasis. It recognizes that churches that fail to talk about Christian stewardship on a regular basis often wind up talking about money all year long.

Consecrated Stewards is based on the Biblical principles of percentage-based, grace-motivated, sacrificial giving. It urges people to take a step forward in their stewardship life without pressure or legalism. It does not use gimmicks or fund-raising techniques. It emphasizes equal sacrifice, not equal amounts.

Consecrated Stewards ties the commitment process to the Sunday morning act of worship. It reaches the maximum number of people in the most spiritual setting. IT does not have members asking other members one-on-one for a financial commitment.

Consecrated Stewards requires minimal organization:

· Four weeks of preparation and four weeks of emphasis

· A working committee of eight people

· Usually only four committee meetings, plus attention to ongoing stewardship

Consecrated Stewards utilizes a trained facilitator to keep the process on track, maintain Biblical focus, and avoid expensive shortcuts.

For more information, contact:


 Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Foundation

Mission: "Linking Christians with Giving Opportunities”

Vision: "Every Christian with a Lifetime Plan for Giving”

Promise: "The LCMS Foundation is the only LCMS organization that offers comprehensive charitable expertise and services to help you plan and direct your passion for giving to bless your family and all ministries of the church today, tomorrow, and forever.”

Transfer the Blessings: Transfer the Blessings provides the framework, education, encouragement, and support to bring the Christian's Lifetime Plan for Giving to a reality.

Lifetime Plan for Giving: Your Lifetime Plan for Giving is a gift planning process divided into four steps.
These four steps are designed to guide and educate you through the process of Christian estate and gift planning led by your Gift Planning Counselor.

Endowment Funding Ministry: The LCMS Foundation provides the resources to help a congregation establish, grow, promote, and manage a congregational endowment ministry.

For more information, contact:

LCMS Foundation
11645 Benham Road
St. Louis, MO 63136
 Stewardship Advisors

Ron Chewning (888) 783-2790

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