The Missouri District of the LCMS
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District Mission Emphasis for 2012-2015:

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Suite 100
St. Louis, MO 63141
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Role of a District President

 According to Synod’s Constitution and Bylaws he is:

The chief executive officer of the District and is to see to it that District and Synod resolutions are implemented.

To serve as liaison between congregations, District and Synod.

To visit the congregations of his district at least once every three years and otherwise as he deems necessary. He may call upon the Circuit Counselors and Vice-Presidents to assist him with triennial visitation.

To see to it that all ordinations, commissionings and installations of rostered church workers who have membership in the District are done by him or under his direction. In the Missouri District this includes all rostered church workers who serve the Synod or an entity of the Synod.

To supervise the doctrine, the life, and the official administration on the part of the ordained or commissioned ministers who are members through his District or are subject to his ecclesiastical supervision.

To advise the congregations of his District as to the calling of pastors and teachers, give counsel, and respond to requests and inquiries. He gathers information regarding nominees to call and submits this to the calling congregations. The Circuit Counselors will assist him in ministry to congregations where vacancies exist.

To arrange for official visits when a controversy arises between a congregation or between two or more congregations in the District. He may authorize a Circuit Counselor or Vice-President to represent him in such matters.

To process and approve applicants for Synod’s Colloquy program for Pastoral Ministry or ministry as a Commissioned Minister of Religion.

To make arrangements for the triennial District convention.

To serve as a member of the Council of Presidents.

To meet at least annually with the Circuit Counselors of the District.

To annually revise the official rosters of ordained ministers and of commissioned ministers for publication in the Lutheran Annual.

According to Missouri District Bylaws he is:

To supervise, with the District Board of Directors, the work program of the District.
To serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

To serve as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the District.

To supervise all appointive and support staff of the District.

To serve as a non-voting member of all boards and committees except the Committee on Nominations.

To make appointments as are directed by the District through its bylaws and resolutions.

To be responsible for an up-to-date procedures manual necessary for the efficient operation of the convention and also for officers, boards, committees and district personnel.