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  Kitchen Sink Workshops

Kitchen Sink Workshops

Covering Everything but the Kitchen Sink

February and March 2012

Kitchen Sink WorkshopsCongregations across the Missouri District are working hard to reach and care for children and families. But quite often, servants in congregations are really looking for ideas, encouragement and support.

The Kitchen Sink Workshops, planned for February and March 2012, are a place where veteran leaders can provide guidance for those working in specific areas of congregation life and then facilitate discussion.

The conferences will begin and end in the Word as a group but have break-out sessions on specific topics in-between the opening and closing.
The first break-out includes sectionals on Vacation Bible School, Dealing with Conflict in Congregations, Youth Ministry and Outreach.

The second break-out features sectionals on Sunday School, Ministry to Inactives, Family Life Ministry and Assimilation. There is also a separate track for high school youth with age and ministry appropriate sectionals.

This is an ideal opportunity for small and medium sized congregations to support volunteers. The cost is minimal at just $25 per congregation, and yet the possibilities are unlimited as congregation members consider ways to strengthen and expand vital forms of service.

The workshops are located strategically across the state to be accessible for you. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. and you will be done by 12 noon. Attend the site that works best for you.

Feb. 11:  Faith Springfield
March 3:  Alive in Christ Columbia
March 10:  St. Paul Jackson
March 17:  District office St. Louis
March 31:  Timothy Blue Springs, South Campus

The Kitchen Sink Workshops cover many of the areas of congregation life where volunteers are looking for new ideas or encouragement. We pray that your congregation will participate and that the workshop will be a blessing to God's people.

RSVP to Sue Thompson, 314-590-6217, with the number of people coming from your congregation. Contact Rev. Kevin Golden for more information.
8:30 am Registration

9:00 am Bible Study: Discipleship Rev. Dr. Kevin Golden

9:30 am Sectional 1

Youth Track
Option A: Vacation Bible School Concordia Publishing House

Option B: Dealing with Conflict in Congregations Rev. Gene Wyssmann

Option C: Ministry to Inactives Rev. Dr. Lee Hagan

Option D: Outreach Rev. Matthew Schultz

10:20 am Break

10:30 am Sectional 2

Youth Track
Option A: Sunday School Concordia Publishing House

Option B: Youth Ministry Marilyn Haldiman

Option C: Family Life Ministry Rev. Dr. Mart Thompson and Rev. Gene Wyssmann

Option D: Assimilation Rev. Dr. Lee Hagan

11:20 am Break

11:30 am Bible Study: Community Rev. Dr. Kevin Golden

Noon   Godspeed on your journey home


Sponsored by The Missouri District Board for Congregational Services and Board for Family Life and Youth.

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