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District Mission Emphasis for 2012-2015:

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Rural and Small Town Mission Facilitation

Rural & Small Town Mission:

Transforming Rural & Small Town Churches--an LCMS Mission Initiative

Why do we need to focus on rural and small town congregations?

Slightly more than half of the 6,000-plus LCMS congregations are in communities with fewer than 15,000 people, and about half of the residents in those areas have no ongoing relationship with a Christian church that teaches Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

LCMS World Mission desires to more intentionally assist professional and lay leaders serving rural and small town congregations. The National Catalyst for Rural & Small Town Mission will take intentional steps, through the assistance of LCMS districts, to help create positive missional attitudes for Gospel proclamation, community service, and outreach.

Saint Paul Institute for Education, located in Concordia, Mo., will serve as a training center, offering leadership modules, as well as providing workshops in other districts and locations.

Over the last seven years, Saint Paul Institute for Education has conducted Great Commission Modules in more than 200 congregations in rural and small-town communities located in 15 different districts. More than 2,000 professional and lay leaders have already received training.

Through the new and expanded Rural & Small Town Mission initiative, congregational leaders and members will experience anew the joy and delight of reaching out in fresh ways to engage their changing communities for Christ. Together, Rural and Small Town Mission will lead God's people in rural and small town settings in reviving a "can do” passion for reaching out with God's love from their respective mission outposts to both long-term and newly-arrived residents.

How will Rural & Small Town Mission do this?

The National Catalyst for Rural & Small Town Mission will work collaboratively to develop training resource modules in the following areas: 

1. Transformation/Revitalization of rural and small town congregations
2. Planting churches in rural and small town communities
3. Regional ministry partnerships
4. Outreach/Evangelism in rural and small town communities
5. Innovations in Christian education: Lutheran schools, Sunday school

What is needed?

To bring the National Catalyst for Rural & Small Town Mission into a full-fledged initiative, $600,000 is needed to cover the first three years of ministry. These costs include salary and benefits, travel expenses, administrative assistance, and leadership resource development.

Your gifts will be used to...

1. Examine the impact of the ever-changing culture on rural and small town congregations;
2. Identify and network with congregations in under-served areas which need to be reached with the Gospel;
3. Assist congregations in intentionally creating positive missional attitudes for the Gospel proclamation, community service, and outreach;
4. Discover, investigate, and share practical resources supporting rural and small town mission;
5. Help build community among congregations experiencing change and transition, exploring the opportunities for unified service and outreach and developing supportive action plans; and much, much more.

How can I help make this important mission initiative a reality today?

  • Learn more; call 1-888-463-5127 or visit
  • Pray for rural and small town congregations that as they seek to connect with their local community, that God would open their eyes to His work for His people in need of the Good News of Jesus Christ.




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