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Personnel Manual Prototype is meant to be a suggested guideline for use
by congregations and other ministries.
There are many complexities in the various state employment codes, and the exemption of religious organizations from some state and federal employment laws. The committee preparing the Personnel Manual Prototype for Congregations and Districts, hopes this employment resource manual will be useful as a separate and distinct educational tool to assist congregations and districts of the Synod understand and apply good sound employment principles.
It is intended that the District Business Administrator or person(s) responsible within
the congregation for human resource/personnel matters will use the contents of the
Employment Resource Manual for Congregations and Districts as a guide in performing the tasks necessary to provide adequate and effective management of the personnel working in the congregational setting or district office.
While some of the enclosed material represents federal statutes that may not be
applicable to the church, it was determined that the information is of sufficient interest
in the general area of personnel management to make it available for the individual
congregation or district to determine its usage.
Please understand that the sample forms and checklists provided are merely
suggestions as ways in which the congregation or district can better organize and
perform their functions.
This resource manual is intended to be an administrative aid to
the congregation/district to assist them in better managing their
employees. All the information provided is contingent upon the
applicable federal, state and local laws. This manual is in no way
intended to replace legal counsel from an attorney knowledgeable
in the area of employment law.

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