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Business Resources for your Congregation or Organization


Read our monthly newsletter, Leaders and Ledgers, for church leaders:

Employment Resource Manual for Congregations and Districts

Church Office Resources: Suggested position/job descriptions from Synod for pastors, DCEs, church secretaries, etc. You'll also find performance appraisal forms and other documents which may help you in your parish.

Positions descriptions for: Clergy Staff, Ministry Staff, Congregation Officers, Administrative Staff, Facilities Staff
IRS mileage ratesChanging on 1/1/2014, IRS has dencreased the standard business mileage rate to 56.0¢ per mile (from 56.5¢ in effect since 1/1/13). The standard medical and moving mileage rate has likewise decreased to 23.5¢ per mile (from 24¢). These new rates apply to mileage reimbursements paid to an employee on or after January 1, 2014 with respect to transportation expenses paid or incurred by the employee on or after January 1, 2014.

The rate used for charitable deduction purposes, set by statute rather than IRS, remains at 14¢ per mile.

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